Sunday, 20 August 2017

my morining routine

good morning friends! hope you all having a good Sunday. Today i real wanted to go thought what i do on a Sunday morning a lot of people just have chilled Sunday. On my Sunday i get all ready for the week of work. So like i wash all my clothes what going to wear and if they need ironing then after that all finish i would wash my bedding and then i  get all the food what im going to eat in the week i eat very healthy but on a Saturday or Sunday i will have  a bit of chocolate or takeaway . So after iv done everything need to be done i will get my self ready 

1. what i do when i get out of bed is going in the bathroom and brush my teeth and give my face a nice clean wash with  Liz earl cleanse and polish wash of with warm water.

2. Then i come back  in to my room and i make my bed then i open my  curtain then open my window for some fresh air in my room.

3. after iv done that i do my hair then i put on a bit of makeup like bit of blush and lipstick on a Sunday then after iv fishes getting ready in go downstairs and make myself a hot cup of tea or hotchoclate.

4. the last thing iv done at all is watch telly and go on my phone to see if you all like my video or blog post then i will get something to eat like some toast after iv eaten. i will get my blanket on sofa and watch telly with my doggy 


my Sunday routine 
hope you enjoyed  reading this blog post 
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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

My Summer Skin Care Routine

hello guy, im back now sorry iv not done any blog but there going to be lot now.

let start with who like my new blog design  there got be bit more done to it, it not finish yet 

let get started with this post 

because it coming up to summer you always  want your skin look amazing and my skincare has change a bit since last time so this first think is when I  get in from work is.

 1) I take my make-up of from the morning and what i use is some face wipe at fist and I use the boot ones and they my favourite i get the green pack ones and they only £1.50  I use them .

 Image result for boot face wipes

2) so then when iv take make-up of I now it problem not all of so I cleanse my face  to make sure all made-up is off because it it not it you can get spot and I dont want that to happen I want my skim to feel free of make-up and all frest. so i use the liz earl cleanse and polish and after i use that my skin feel great and shiny.

Image result for liz earle cleanse and polish

3) so then after iv cleanse my face I  use the liz earl skin tonic just to refresh  my face and i keep it nice a cold and it feel nice i just put in on 2 cotton pad it amazing I can not go to sleep with out using this.

 Image result for liz earle skin tonic

4)  then the last 2 think I do is moisturiser to keep my skin nice and soft because in the summer my skin get very dry so I moisturiser 2 time  a day.  so when I  do that put some concentrate on 2 time a week so that all my skin care hope you enjoy reading please let me now if you have any skin care produce I  should give a go. go and follow me 

my morining routine

good morning friends! hope you all having a good Sunday. Today i real wanted to go thought what i do on a Sunday morning a lot of peopl...